Bazel Conference 2017

November 6 - 7, 2017 at Google in Sunnyvale, CA

We are excited to hold our first annual Bazel Conference on November 6 - 7, 2017 in Sunnyvale, California!

Bazel Conference 2017 will feature 30+ speakers and 200+ attendees, including Bazel software engineers and industry-leading firms that use Bazel as their build system.

Why attend?

  • Hear customer adoption and migration stories from other companies
  • Discover Bazel-related tools and build rules created by the community
  • Participate in open, community-driven Bazel design reviews
  • Explore the Bazel roadmap and learn about upcoming features
  • Get hands-on in a debugging + Q&A session with Bazel engineers
  • Meet Bazel users, contributors, and the core software engineering team

This is a free conference.

We are truly thankful to all participants for the great conference! Videos are now posted on YouTube.

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