BazelCon presenters include:

Finn Ball (Codethink) & Ed Baunton (Bloomberg): BuildGrid: Executing Bazel and BuildStream Remotely

Ofer Bartal (Google): Knowledge transfer by source code - how to write more code and fewer emails

Steven Bergsieker (Google): Faster Builds with Remote Execution and Caching

Andreea Bican (Google): Starlark code completion in VS Code

Mathieu Boespflug (Tweag): A tasty tower of sandwiches: from C++ to Haskell to Java and back

Blaine Buxton, Peter Laird, & Simon Toens (Salesforce.com): Migrating from Maven to Bazel at Salesforce

Ted Chang & Ton Ngo (IBM): Improving the usability of Bazel remote caching

Alex Eagle (Angular): Building large Angular apps with Bazel

Petros Eskinder (Two Sigma Investments): Speeding up Bazel build performance by consuming file digests through extended attributes

Josh Fischer (1904labs): Building Apache Heron: A Community Perspective

George Gensure (Uber): Fork, PR and Merge

Nicolas Lopez (Google): Remote execution vs local execution, challenges and issues

Chris Love (CNM Consulting): A Dash of Bazel, With a Sprinkle of Containers, and a Side of Kubernetes

Conrado Miranda (NVIDIA): Python in Bazel: manage your dependencies

Benjamin Peterson (Dropbox): Generating BUILD files

Ittai Zeidman (Wix.com): Reproducible HEAD dependency in many repo

(subject to change)

Speaker FAQ

  • Will my talk be recorded?
    • Yes! All talks will be recorded and posted to YouTube. (Audience questions will not be posted.)
  • What A/V equipment will be available?
    • information coming soon